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Douglas Golf Club BRS


As directed by England Golf


95% of Course Handicap


Full Difference of Course Handicaps


85% of Course Handicap


90% of the difference from the lowest course handicap


60% low & 40% of high course handicaps


50% combined course handicaps


4 players 2 scores to count 85% course handicaps


4 players 25% & 20% & 15% & 10% lowest to highest course handicaps

2 players 35% low & 15% high course handicaps

Cup Competitions are limited to 28 playing handicap (men)


Please check and sign all cards and input on the computer, make sure they are legible for checking. If returning an incomplete (NR) card you are required to record and enter scores on the computer for as many holes as possible.

All competitions are ‘Club’ competitions unless otherwise indicated.

Ladies Competitions in red

Isle of Man Golf Union Competitions in blue

* Denotes Golfer of the Year Qualifying Competitions.

(All ladies medal competitions count towards gross golfer of the year for ladies)

Every Saturday throughout the season there will be a Ladies’ Qualifying Open Competition alongside the Men’s Competition.

All Men’s Cups will be off choice of yellow or white tees, apart from Tuesdays, the FBBB Championship and the Senior’s Championship which will be off yellow tees.

If there is a choice of tees, only white tees players can win the gross prize

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Course Scorecards